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Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known-CARL SAGAN

1.The river system of India can be classified into four groups – 1. Himalayan rivers 2. Deccan (Peninsular) rivers 3. Coastal rivers and 4. Rivers of inland water drainage.

2.Luni, Machhu, Banas, Rupen, Saraswati and Ghagghar are examples of rivers with inland water drainage, i.e. they do not empty into the ocean but get lost into the sand.

3.Subarnarekha, Vamsadhara, Nagavali, Vaigai, Netravati and Sharavati are examples of coastal rivers.

4.The longest flowing river in India is the Ganges or Ganga followed by Godavari, Yamuna, Krishna and Narmada.

5.The longest river which flows through India is the Indus which originates in Tibet and enters Pakistan before flowing into the Arabian Sea.

6.The Ganges is also known as the Bhagirathi since King Bhagirath was responsible for bringing it from the heavens to the earth. 

7.The part of the River Ganga which flows into Bangladesh is known as Padma.

8.Most of the Indian rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal but some like Narmada, Tapti and Periyar flow into the Arabian Sea.

9.Five rivers of erstwhile Punjab are Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, Jhelum and Chenab.

10.The river also known as Dakshin Ganga is Godavari.

11.The Brahmaputra is known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet and as Dihang in Arunachal Pradesh. 12.The Brahmaputra river is known as Jomuna in Bangladesh.

13.The river known as Singi Khamban (Lion’s mouth) in Tibet is River Indus.

14.The river known as Bengal’s sorrow is River Damodar.

15.Prayag or Allahabad is believed to be the confluence (sangam) of these rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.

16.The number of Indian rivers which have been classified as major rivers by the Government is Twelve.

17.There are three Trans-Himalayan rivers which originate in the high Tibetan Plateau and cut across the mighty Himalayan ranges. Indus, Brahmaputra, and Sutlej.


YouTube is the world’s favorite video platform, but there’s a lot you probably don’t know about the site. With that in mind, here are some amazingly interesting YouTube facts for you to check out.


1. YouTube Began on Valentine’s Day.
The YouTube.com domain was bought on Valentine’s Day, 2005. The first video was posted by co-founder Jawed Karim a little over two months later.

2. PayPal Funded YouTube’s Launch.
The three YouTube founders—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—all worked for PayPal. They used their money from eBay’s buyout of PayPal to fund the site’s early development.

2. Google Owns YouTube.
Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in October 2006. Which was a lot of money at the time, but looks like a pittance now considering the value of YouTube.

3. Ads Appeared in 2007.
Google is the largest ad company in the world, and it didn’t take long for it to start monetizing YouTube. The service’s first ad was broadcast in August 2007, just nine months after Google bought the site.

4. There Are Localized Versions of YouTube.
In June 2007, YouTube started rolling out localized versions of its site. People in different places would get different recommendations and features, as well as a localized top-level domain (for example, .com, .co.uk, .fr, etc.).

The first 10 countries to get their own YouTube site were the U.S., U.K., Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.

5. There Are 98 Versions of YouTube.
youtube mexico home screen Fast-forward to today, and the localization program has expanded dramatically. More than 98 countries now have their own version. The most recent went live in January 2019. They were Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Uruguay.

6. YouTube Has Been Censored Around the World.
YouTube’s mission to get into households on every corner of the planet has not always been plain sailing. At various times, more than 25 countries have blocked access. All the usual suspects are there, as well as some surprises such as Germany, Finland, and Brazil.

7. YouTube Is Worth Billions.
Today, YouTube’s annual revenue hovers around $15 billion. This has led Wall Street analysts to give the brand a value of more than $100 billion.

8. Americans Are Addicted to YouTube
In any given month, 80 percent of North American adults aged between 18 and 49 watch at least one video on YouTube.

9. YouTube Has More Reach Than Cable TV
In the United States, YouTube reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network.

10. YouTube Is Growing in Popularity
YouTube’s assault on traditional forms of television shows no signs of abating. The most recent data available shows that the time spent on YouTube has been enjoying double-digit percentage growth. At the same time, time spent watching TV is seeing a double-digit decline.

11. Ronaldinho Was First to 1 Million Views.
For many soccer fans, Brazilian forward Ronaldinho is one of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

Thanks to his worldwide popularity, his tricks video (produced by Nike) was the first video to hit one million views in October 2005.

12. Avril Lavigne Was First to 100 Million Views.
Avril Lavigne’s chart-topping hit Girlfriend was the first song to break 100 million views after its release in 2008. There was some controversy around how the video amassed its views, with Lavigne’s PR company accused of gaming the system.

13. Gangnam Style Was First to 1 Billion Views.
The first video to smash through the 1 billion barrier was PSY’s global megahit, Gangnam Style. The South Korean artist achieved superstardom on the back of its success, with the U.N. calling the singer a “force for world peace.” A bit of an exaggeration, we’re sure you’ll agree.

14. Spanish Language YouTube Is Growing
The first Spanish-language video on YouTube to amass more than 1 billion views was Enrique Iglesias’ reggaeton song, Bailando.

15. The Most Popular Non-Music Video Is in Russian.
The only non-music video in the most watched YouTube videos of all time is a Russian-language version of an episode of kids’ TV show, Masha and The Bear. It has been watched 3.4 billion times and counting.

16. 17 Videos Have Held the Number One Crown
In total, 17 different videos have held the record for being the most watched video on YouTube. The current holder is Luis Fonsi’s hit, Despacito. It took the record off Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again when it hit 2.9 billion views.

17. Justin Bieber’s Baby Isn’t the Most Hated Video

For a long time, the most disliked video on YouTube was the Justin Bieber song, Baby. It had received more than 10 million “thumbs down” in the nine years it had been live.

However, in December 2018 the record was smashed in spectacular fashion by YouTube Rewind 2018. In its first month of availability, it racked up an incredible 15 million downvotes.

18. HD Videos Went Live in 2009
We couldn’t start watching YouTube in high definition until the feature’s global rollout in November 2009.

19. YouTube Boasts 57,000 Years of Video Footage
The average video length on YouTube is four minutes and 20 seconds, and there are approximately 7 billion videos on the website in total.

We did some math (!) and can confirm that it would take around 30 trillion minutes to watch them all. Or, to put it another way, 58,000 years.

20. People Have Short Attention Spans
It’s safe to assume that the majority of those 7 billion videos are not worth watching. And it turns out that we give short shrift to videos that don’t immediately grab our attention. More than 20 percent of videos are switched off within the first 10 seconds of playback.

21. We All Watch Too Much YouTube

One person probably couldn’t get through all 58,000 years of YouTube. However, collectively, we make a darned good effort. We watch four billion hours of video every month—that’s 456,621 years worth!

22. YouTube Search Is Bigger Than Bing
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It processes more queries than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Of course, it means Google also owns the world’s two most popular search engines. We’re not sure that level of centralization is a good thing.

23. A Decade of New Video Is Uploaded Every Day
YouTube sees 72 hours of newly uploaded video every minute. Over a 24-hour period, that’s more than a decade of new footage.

24. Tony Blair Is a YouTube Pioneer
Today, YouTube is well established as an essential way for politicians to get their message out to the public. That wasn’t always the case. In 2007, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair became the first world leader to launch his own YouTube channel.

25. YouTube Isn’t the Number One Website
Despite all of these amazing statistics, YouTube is still only the second most visited site in the world (behind Google.com).

According to Alexa.com, Facebook, Baidu, and Wikipedia round out the rest of the top five.



  • Eating right could reduce your risk for some cancers. Multiple studies have found a diet high in fruits and vegetables could help prevent the diseases.
  • A healthy diet could make your skin glow. Carbohydrate rich foods with a high glycemic index could contribute to acne.
  • A healthy diet could save you money. a large study found unhealthy diets full of processed food cost $1.50 more a day than healthy ones full of whole foods.
  • A well balanced diet could improve mood. People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to report better mental health in studies.
  • Eating right could boost your energy and enhance your athletic performance.
  • A healthy diet could reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is preventable with diet and exercise.
  • Healthy food habits could extend your life. people who eat well tend to live longer, and they have fewer health complications, so they enjoy the extra time.
  • Many studies have shown that eating a healthy diet could reduce your risk of cardio vascular diseases.
  • Eating right could protect your memory. Studies have found people who follow healthy diets are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • A balanced diet maintains blood pressure, reduces the risk of osteoporosis. A major review of nutrition research found that a healthy diet can improve how long and how well you sleep.


Chandrayaan-2 is an Indian lunar mission that will boldly go where no country has ever gone before — the Moon’s South Polar Region.


  • Chandrayaan-2 consists of three components: the Orbiter, the Lander (Vikram) and the Rover (Pragyaan). The Lander of Chandrayaan 2 is named Vikram after Dr Vikram A Sarabhai, the Father of the Indian Space Programme.

  • Chandrayaan 2’s algorithm is wholly developed by India’s scientific community.

  •  Unlike Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2 will attempt to soft-land its Vikram module on the lunar surface and deploy a six-wheeled Rover, Pragyaan on the Moon to carry out several scientific experiments.

  •  The mission life of Chandrayaan-2’s Orbiter will be one year whereas the mission life of lander (Vikram) and rover (Pragyan) will be one Lunar day which is equal to fourteen earth days.

  •  Apart from studying the Moon’s surface, Chandrayaan-2 will also examine the satellite’s outer atmosphere.

  •  The Orbiter payloads will conduct remote-sensing observations from a 100 km orbit while the Lander and Rover payloads will perform in-situ measurements near the landing site.


  •  Chandrayaan-2 will attempt to soft-land the lander -Vikram and rover- Pragyan in a high plain between two craters, Manzinus C and Simpelius N, at latitude of about 70° south.

  • Chandrayaan-2 has several science payloads to expand the lunar scientific knowledge through a detailed study of topography, seismography, mineral identification and distribution, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics of topsoil and composition of the tenuous lunar atmosphere.

  • Chandrayaan 2’s Dual Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (DFSAR) will measure the quantitative estimation of water-ice in the polar regions.

  • Its Dual Frequency Radio Science (DFRS) experiment will study the temporal evolution of electron density in the Lunar ionosphere.

  • Chandrayaan 2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer or CLASS will measure the Moon’s X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectra to examine the presence of major elements such as Magnesium, Aluminium, Silicon, Calcium, Titanium, Iron, Sodium, and its XRF technique will detect these elements by measuring the characteristic X-rays they emit when excited by the Sun’s rays.

  • Chandrayaan 2’s Solar X-ray Monitor (XSM) will observe the X-rays emitted by the Sun and its corona, measure the intensity of solar radiation in these rays, and support CLASS.

  • Chandrayaan-2 will study water molecule distribution using infrared spectroscopy, synthetic aperture radiometry & polarimetry as well as mass spectroscopy techniques.

  • The Chandrayaan-2 mission is a precursor to the ambitious Gaganyaan project, which aims to place three Indians in space by 2022.


When nothing goes right go to sleep

1.People can take cat naps with their eyes open without even knowing it.

2.Adults who don’t get enough sleep tend to act sluggish, but sleep-deprived children may be hyperactive.

3.Humans spend about a third of their lives asleep.

4.One in five adults fail to get enough sleep.

5.Most dreams involve normal situations with familiar people; bizarre, fantastic or intense dreams are rare.

6.A change in the body clock keeps most teens from feeling sleepy until 11 p.m. or later.

7.Mild snoring is nearly universal – almost everyone is likely to snore at one time or another.

8.More than half of adults report having nightmares occasionally.
9.The first CPAP machines for the disorder sleep apnea were made from vacuum cleaners.

10.Drinking caffeine during the day can affect how you sleep at night.

11.Sleepwalking tends to be a fairly normal part of a child’s early sleep patterns.

12.No one knows if other species dream but some do have sleep cycles similar to humans.

13.Elephants can sleep while standing or while lying on the ground.

14.Children tend to fall asleep faster and sleep longer when they go to bed before 9 p.m.

Have enough sleep …….at the right time

My tips to get good sleep

1. Don’t use your smartphone much,blue light emitting from it effects your sleep.

2. Do some exercise

3. Take a shower before going to sleep.

4. Keep your room tidy.

5. Have good diet.

6. Think about something that makes you happy before going to sleep (I think about my loved ones).

7. Pray and wish everyone a good night with a smile.

I wish like this….

GOOD NIGHT………..                                             SLEEP TIGHT……..                                                DON’T LET MOSQUITOES BITE…..   : )

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1.According to Greek philosophers slavery did not exist in ancient India.

2.Aryabhatta, the great astronomer and scientist, discovered zero. The number system was also invented in ancient India.

3.The Indus valley civilization was one of the most advance civilizations in terms of town planning etc.

4.During the ancient period there were many famous and important centers of learning in India- Taxila and Nalanda, where thousands of students from all over studied different subjects.

5.The earliest school of medicine known to humans is Ayurveda. Ayurveda was developed mainly by Charaka, the great Indian physician, during ancient times. It is the only system which takes the holistic view of the person being treated.

6.India was known as golden bird because of her wealth. The later invaders came to India in search of wealth.

7.Bhaskaracharya, the great astronomer and mathematician of ancient India, was the first person to calculate the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun.

8.It was during the 6th century that Budhayana first calculated the value of pie and explained the concept of Pythagoras theorem.It is interesting to note that ancient India was so advanced in science and mathematics that Algebra, trigonometry and calculus all came from India. 

9.In the 11th century Sridharacharya propounded the Quadratic equations.

10.Ancient Indians had a well developed concept of water harvesting. The earliest reservoir and dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra. This lake was called Sudarshana and built by the Shaka king, Rudradaman.

11.Chess was a popular game in ancient India.

12.The great physician of ancient India, Sushruta conducted complicated surgeries like cesareans, cataract, artificial limbs, fractures, stones, plastic surgery and brain surgery.Usage of anesthesia was well known in ancient India.




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​1.The constitution was a hand written document, and not typed and printed, with as much as 48 articles, 12 schedules and 94 amendments.
2. A total of 283 members of the constituent assembly signed the constitution, which came into being on 26th January, 1950.

3. The Indian constitution is the longest in the world.

4. It took around 2 years, 11 months and 17 days for the assembly to finish writing the entire constitution.

5.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the first law minister of free India, a jurist, an economist, and a social reformer, was the Chairman of the committee. He also carries the tag of “Father of Indian Constitution”.

6. It was a raining cats and dogs outside the parliament, the day constitution was signed, and this was considered to be a good omen by the assembly members.

7. The date 26th January was especially selected since it was the anniversary of “Purna Swaraj Day” (26th January 1930); the day Indian congress seeded the fight for complete Independence and hoisted the Indian national flag for the first time.

8. The original hand-written copies of the Constitution are kept in helium-filled cases in the Library of Parliament House. 

9. The national anthem of India, written by Rabindranath Tagore, was scribed in Bengali first and later translated to Hindi by AbidAli in 1911.

10. The Indian national flag, with tri-color and the chakra in the middle, was conceptualized by Pingali Venkayya, a farmer from Machilipatnam (a city in southern state of Andhra Pradesh).


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